eden ofrat
Der Erlkonig. 2017.A video Installation Documentation.
06:21 Minutes Loop.

A panoramic representation of a German-green forest is screened on a long wall. From within the wood there emerges a bent green figure covered with branches and leaves, walking slowly among the trees, shedding branches and leaves along its way. Reaching the end of the frame, it bends down at the foot of a tree and is embed in it. All along, following the leaves-figure, a ghostly female figure appears - half transparent, dressed in white. She patiently gathers the branches and leaves that were dropped from the green figure. When she reaches the final tree into which the green figure was embed, she kneels and put down the gathered branches and with her breath ignites a fire that soon spreads over the whole forest and destroys it with high flames. Snow starts to fall, when, behind a nearby door, hands dig-out a box from the ground, inside which is projected the opening scene from Citizen Kane together with the words: "Rose bud...".

© 2017