eden ofrat
Little Hans Four Horseman. 2013. A Video Projection.
02:46 Minutes Loop.

The screen is misty, something between fog and black-and-white pixels ‘snow’. A low monotonous and mysterious sound is heard, while a horizon-line is slowly appearing. Are we watching a desert and sky, a snowstorm, a sea? Slight bursts of colors quickly fade into black-and-white, returning to the misty semi-abstracted blurred view. From within the distance there moves up towards us an undefined entity. Is it an island, a ship, human figure? Gradually the entity (often fading and blurred into the surrounding) is nearing only to be identified as a horse with a face-less she-rider. A ray of white light glitters from the horse's forehead. Parallelly, appearing from the distance - one after the other, in and out of focus - another three women-riders, each being specified by a different color - green, black, red, white. Rays of white light shine from all the horses' foreheads like horns. The four faceless riders gallop towards the camera until they fill the screen. Being face-less, the tricky-evasive-ambivalent landscape keeps on being seen through them, until the four riders disappear into nothingness which will be followed by a new start of the loop.

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