eden ofrat
The Tragos Series. 2012. A Video Installation.
02:58 Minutes Loop.

The work is consisted of three large simultaneous projections. The first on the left shows an image of a mysterious feminine figure, a goat-mask on her face, standing in sea-water while salting the waves. The second projection is a variation on a passage from "La Horle", a short story by Guy De Maupassant: two goat-masked feminine figures are being led to the unknown by a faceless herdsman along the sea shore tides. The third projection on the right shows a nightly panorama of Jaffa sea, occasionally crossed by a small herd of goats adorned with star-like golden necklaces.A ritualistic video-trilogy about mythological powers of fate and sacrifice and about time (night) and place (sea) where sun and "tragos" unite in an existential cycle.

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